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Published on 26 July 2022

Wooden garage doors are among the most beautiful. They complement almost every type of property and can provide a contemporary yet luxe finish to the exterior of your home. Not just this, but they’re also incredibly hard wearing when looked after properly.

In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the top wooden garage door maintenance tips you should take note of to keep your door looking and working at its best.

Generally speaking, wooden garage doors are highly durable and can serve you well for years and years, but they need to be maintained in order to remain in optimal condition. If you don’t do the bare basics of maintenance, you could find yourself running into issues with the tracking and alignment, or even mildew which can cause all manner of damage if left untreated.

As well as the ability of the door being able to work as intended being affected, the aesthetic of the door will also deteriorate if it’s not looked after and maintained as it should be. Wooden garage doors are like any other piece of outdoor wood furniture – they need to be properly cared for on a regular basis, otherwise they will begin to run into problems before their time.

Wooden Garage Doors

Tips for Maintaining Wooden Garage Doors

So, how exactly do you take care of a wooden garage door?


Firstly, you’ll want to keep your door looking its best, and the best way to do this is to repaint or re-stain it every few years. To do this, make sure your door is clean and free of debris, and that it has been sanded down, filled if necessary, and degreased. After this, you can add primer and begin to paint the door, taking care not to go over the handles or any mechanisms. This will give your door an instance face lift.


If you want to avoid going to the hassle of repainting or re-staining your door more than every two to three years, make sure to clean it regularly. Not only will this preserve the paint or stain and keep it looking fresher for longer, but it will also ensure no debris gets lodged anywhere it shouldn’t, causing further issues.


It’s highly important to check that the mechanisms of your garage door are working as they should, whether the door is made out of wood, carbon fibre, or metal. With this in mind, listen out for any screeching or rubbing when you open and close the door. This is a sign the tracks might need oiling.

Be careful not to over-oil as this can cause issues of its own by attracting debris that can block mechanisms and impact the overall functionality of the door.


Mildew is somewhat common on wooden garage doors, but it’s easily removed with a remover spray.

Speak to a Professional

If you notice any issues beyond the ones listed above, make sure you get in touch with a professional. Wooden garage door maintenance is mostly easy enough to do at home, but any mechanical issues can be dangerous and need to be looked at by a professional to prevent injury. 

If you would like to find out more about garage door maintenance or are in need of a professional to assess and fix your garage door then get in contact with us at Diamond Garage Doors and see how we can help you and make sure you have a well maintained garage door.

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