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Published on 28 September 2018

One of the main worries that people have when purchasing a new garage door is the cost. While everyone wants to beef up their security at home, it’s not always clear whether it’s worth the financial tradeoff. However, when it comes to a new garage door, you will most likely find that it is. In fact, you may find that, in the long run, you end up making more from the investment than if you kept your old one! In this article, we’ll be telling you just why.

A term that estate agents throw around quite often, kerb appeal is simply how attractive or inviting your home looks from the side of the road. While kerb appeal isn’t everything, it can certainly have a huge impact on the price of your home. Why? First impressions are important, and if a potential buyer falls in love with your home as soon as they set foot on the drive, there’s a good chance that they might want to buy it!

So where does your new garage door fit in? Well, most homes in the UK have their garage positioned at the front the home, easily visible from the road. If this is where your gorgeous new garage door will be located, then it will certainly be boosting your home’s kerb appeal.

Considering the wild extremes in temperature that we’ve been experiencing in recent years, an energy efficient home is an extremely attractive investment.

If you install a brand new garage door, the chances are your new door will be able insulate your home much better than your old one, meaning that you will be using the heating much less during winter and not having to rely on fans in the summer. Not only is this great for your wallet, but it’s also great for the planet, too.

For those whose garage is the main entrance to their home, the difference in energy efficiency will be even greater.

More than anything, a garage is a personal secure storage facility. We store tools, furniture, vehicles – pretty much anything we want in there. However, a garage is only as safe as the door protecting it, which is why the strength of your garage door is important. As technology advances so quickly, newer materials and different security measures are always becoming the norm on the market, so it never hurts to ensure that you’re up to date. That is, a brand new garage door is much more likely to serve as a better defense for your belongings, especially in the eyes of a potential buyer, so investing in a new, modern garage door is an excellent idea.

Diamond Garage Doors have been supplying, installing and repairing garage doors for over 25 years. As fully insured suppliers, we guarantee a safe and professional service every time, and our expert team can provide advice and assistance to help you find the perfect garage door for you. To find out more about our wide range of garage doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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