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Published on 28 November 2019

Parking your car on the road outside your home or on your drive puts you at risk of potential theft. It is a good idea to create space in your garage and use it to park your car instead. This is the best way to protect your vehicle from theft and damages. However, just creating a space in your garage is not enough, another way to ensure safety and convenience is to install an electric garage door.If your garage has an electric door you can save time and maximise your garage space, while having peace of mind over your car’s safety. Here are some reasons and benefits why you should invest in an electric garage door:

1.    It is Very Convenient

An electric garage door is very convenient to have. When you arrive back home after a long day at work you don’t have to worry about opening your garage door manually. You only have to press the buttons on your remote and the door will open. And then once you have driven your vehicle inside you can then close the garage door behind you.If your garage has an electric door you can save time and maximise your garage space, while having peace of mind over your car’s safety.


2.    It is Easy and Fast to Operate

An electric garage door is opened and closed by remote. After using the remote your garage door will open in a matter of moments. If you are late for work, you can open the garage door while still in your house. Just point the remote in the direction of the garage and save valuable moments. This is a sensitive system, meaning you don’t have to be close to the door to be able to open it. You can open and close it from a distance so you can save even more time before and after your commute. 


3.    It Needs Low Maintenance

Since there is no mechanical struggle to open the door, it can last for several years without having to be repaired. This is not the case with other garage doors which are opened and closed manually. When opening and closing your garage door manually you may contribute to its natural wear and tear. The electric garage door operates efficiently so it lasts longer without needing to have any maintenance. Most providers will also provide at least five years of warranty, so once you buy your electric garage door, you can forget about having to pay for repairs for about five years.


4.    It Gives Superb Security

Most people that go for an electric garage door have safety in their minds. An electric garage door gives you better security than any other door. It can be programmed so that it does not open or close when there is an object near it. This guarantees your own safety and the safety of the people you live with, as long as you ensure that there is nothing beneath the door. This system blocks thieves since the door can only be opened with a remote sensor. 


You don’t need to have that outdated manual door for your garage. Make your life easy and convenient by investing in an electric garage door. You are guaranteed to enjoy the above benefits. Treat yourself this Christmas with an electric garage door. If you are interested in purchasing an electric garage door, Diamond Garage Doors provides many types of doors including remote-controlled doors. Contact us on the following number 

01525 713600, or visit our contact page.


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