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Published on 27 September 2022

new garage door

Garage doors are an important element in your home. They maintain the security of your property and protect your cars, tools and storage area and also provide a great aesthetic to your home.

Why Invest In A New Garage Door  

Garage doors are built to last and while yours might have stuck with you through thick and thin – harsh winters and scorching summers, there comes a time when you’ll need to consider replacing them.

Garage doors, depending on their material, can sometimes warp in the heat or become damp in the cold, wet weather making them less secure. Fashions also change, meaning you may want to upgrade your garage door simply to keep up with the trends.

Increased Safety And Security

Garage doors conceal some of your most valuable items. You’ll store your car, bike, gardening equipment and tools in the garage. For a burglar, this can be an easy access point to get to your most valuable equipment without alerting anyone in the main house, especially if your garage is detached.

Upgrading your garage doors will help to deter burglars as they tend to select the path of least resistance to give them an easy escape. If your garage door is clearly new, and therefore, more secure, a burglar may think better of it and move on. 

Visual Appealing Aesthetics 

Upgrading your garage doors gives you the edge on your neighbours. Just like everything else, fashion changes with garage doors and it’s important to stay ahead of the game. An old garage door can make your whole property seem more dated.

Getting a new garage door allows you to change the material and update the design, making you the envy of the street.

Enhanced Insulation

Your garage door essentially takes up a whole wall. This is a lot of heat lost and outside noise gained if your garage door is old and not very insulated.

New garage doors are likely to provide more insulation protecting your home from cold drafts if you have an integrated garage and saving you money on heating. It could also keep out unwanted noises such as loud motorbikes or other traffic from outside.

If your garage is separate from your home, the improved insulation of a brand-new garage door will also help to protect anything in there, giving you a more reliable storage space. If the damp and cold air can’t enter the garage, then you’re less likely to find damp storage boxes or fabrics in there.

Increased Value And Reduce Maintenance

It’s something you rarely think about, but a garage door is one of the first things you see when pulling up to a property due to its size. If you intend to sell your house in the future, a new garage door can actually increase the value of your home due to the extra security and insulation and make it easier to sell, just because of the amazing appearance.

New garage doors also require less maintenance, saving you time, stress and extra cost in the future.

Whether you’re planning on installing a brand-new garage door or you’re considering upgrading your current door to increase the security and insulation, Diamond Garage Doors can provide advice and support regarding the most cost-effective options and the technicalities of repair work to ensure you have the most secure and aesthetically pleasing garage door in the neighbourhood. 

If you would like to know more and get a quote on our garage doors, contact a member of our dedicated team today to discuss the next steps that are right for you. Visit our contact page or phone us directly on 01525 713 600.

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