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Published on 24 February 2022

Electric garage doors have been around since 1926, however, they didn’t come to England until the early 60s and were not widely available until the late 70s. This little bit of luxury has made commuting a much less strenuous prospect, as well as adding value to homes, providing additional security, and improving the exterior look of a property.

What are the Benefits of Remote Controlled Garage Doors?

There are several reasons why a remote garage door is superior to a manual door. First of all, is the overall convenience.


Not only do you need to step out of the car to open and close a manual garage, but you also have to remember to lock it and keep the keys safe. With a remote control door, everything is done for you with the switch of a button. It can be extremely tempting, especially in bad weather, to leave the garage door open or unlocked, to save you from getting soaked when rushing to close it, with a remote control door you don’t even have to think about it. 

Security & Safety

We all think about how to maximise the security of the items we keep in our garages, whether it be stored family heirlooms, tools, work equipment, or our cars. Traditional, manual garage doors are fairly easy to break into, a burglar can be in and out in seconds, however, automated doors are much more difficult to crack, you can only gain access with a remote control – or with brute force which will make an absolute racket, drawing unwanted attention for criminals from homeowners and neighbours.

All our remote control garage doors have sensors installed to add an extra element of safety. These sensors ensure the doors are unable to close onto any objects in their path. So many cars are damaged each year by manual doors being pulled down before the area is completely clear, even having a bumper knocked off by a door can cost hundreds to have repaired.

Support Individuals With Disabilities

Remote control garage doors are an absolute must-have for anyone suffering from a disability who still enjoys driving. These doors do not require the strength or height of a person using them thanks to their simple design. They can help someone with a disability regain independence through driving.

Add Value To Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home at some point shortly, having a garage alone can add as much as 5% onto the value of a house. Pairing this added value with the sleek, modern look you can achieve with a remote-controlled garage door offers a valuable return on investment. All of our doors come with a 3 year Diamond Garage guarantee on top of the manufacturer warranty, this in itself can assure any potential buyers of the door’s value.

What is a Remote Control Garage Door

Compared to a traditional, manual garage door, the convenience of how easy remote-controlled doors are able to operate is a welcome addition to any home. With modern technology, the remote transmits a radio signal to the door, which in turn opens and closes the door when you tell it to. This signal is difficult to hack, unlike outdated technology which adds another layer of security to your home.

The doors are also fitted with a backup battery in case of a power outage, so you will never struggle to gain access to your car. However, one of the best parts about remote-controlled garage doors is they are significantly quieter to operate than manual doors, so if you work unsociable hours they are perfect for limiting any disturbances.

When you are looking to make a large purchase such as garage doors, you absolutely need to understand the product. There are so many choices, styles, and finishes to decide on, each with a different price point. With the features mentioned above for our remote-controlled doors such as additional security, safety features, and convenience which can all have a big impact on your home, an automated door offers so much more than what can be achieved with a manual door. 

Diamond Garage Doors

Improve your home’s security and safety with our remote control garage doors. At Diamond Garage Doors, for over 40 years we’ve installed high-quality garage doors in people’s homes across Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and the surrounding areas. Call us today on 01525 713 600 or visit our contact page to enquire further.

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