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Published on 1 February 2022

If you have a garage, you will be no stranger to the world of garage doors and the seemingly endless number of available options. You’ll also be familiar with garage door repairs and how costly they can be should something go wrong or someone tries to break in.


Keeping your home safe and secure is imperative and a top priority for every homeowner, and this includes paying close attention to your garage. It’s not uncommon for thieves to try and force entry through a garage door, so you need something that’s up to the job.


Not just this; your garage is one of the first things people notice about your house, so you will want it to look aesthetically pleasing. A dilapidated or flimsy door can hinder the appearance of your garage and your property as a whole.


This is where sectional garage doors come in. If you don’t know what they are or why they’re a great option for your house, keep reading.

Sectional Garage doors

What is a Sectional Garage Door? 


A sectional garage door is a popular type of garage door that is constructed from individual sections, hence the name. The panels fit together to form a sturdy and secure solution that opens with the panels moving vertically. There is no handle on the front, meaning sectional garage doors sit flush. You can choose from many styles and finishes, and they’ll even work for you if you have a wide garage.


What Sets Them Apart From Other Garage Doors? 


So, now you know what a sectional garage door is, you might be wondering what makes them different from other options. Firstly, they come in a wide array of materials to allow you to find the finish that compliments your property the most. You can choose from classic timber to a modern GRP fibreglass, with aluminium and steel also remaining popular and feasible options.


Another key aspect of sectional doors is that they save a considerable amount of space compared to single panel doors. This is because the panels move up for the door to open, whereas single panel doors often rotate outwards. This can be problematic on small driveways where space is limited.


Sectional garage doors are noted for their simplicity. If you’re looking for a simple and clean look with a quiet operation and additional safety features like anti-entrapment, this is the door for you. They can be operated on a manual or electric basis depending on your preferences.


In addition to all this, sectional solutions offer great insulation which may be favoured if you use your garage as a gym, office, or utility room. They’re also exceptionally safe thanks to the double-skinned construction, giving you additional peace of mind that your property is secure.


It is worth noting that due to all the advantages sectional garage doors offer, the price is higher than for a standard single panel door, with there also being a difference between electric and manual and the size. Sectional garage doors are available in clean finishes and bespoke sizes too.


To find out more about sectional garage doors, what they can do for you, and to talk through pricing, call Diamond Garage Doors team on 01525 713 600 or visit our contact page to fill in an enquiry form.

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