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Published on 22 December 2022

Your garage might not be an area of the home that you invite guests into and class as part of your interior décor, but the construction of most properties means that the garage door is almost always on display to some extent. In this article, we’re considering whether it’s best practice – and more cost effective – to repair an old and worn garage door, or to replace it altogether.

Repairing a garage door

When to replace or repair your garage door

There are all manner of reasons why you might turn your attention towards your garage door – from the aesthetic through to the functional, and those associated with access and/or security.

For most clients, the garage door does not become a priority until it is no longer fulfilling its duty – with the integration of automated doors and mechanics raising more complex issues in some cases. Whether your door operates an up and over opening function, boasts a sectional design, or is controlled by a remote within your car or home, when something goes wrong it’s time to either repair or replace your door – but which option is best?

When to repair garage doors

Repairing is always the first solution to consider when faced with a damaged, broken, or tired-looking garage door – largely because it is likely the cheaper solution compared with a full replacement. This could be achieved with professional repair services or simply with a coat of paint and some tender love and care – it all depends on what needs repairing.

As a general rule, we recommend repairing issues as they occur rather than leaving small issues to grow and expand. Why? Because if you leave them too long, the chance of effectively repairing them goes out of the window.

The benefit of repairing your garage door

To understand the financial benefit of repairing rather than replacing your garage door, you need to look beyond the door itself to the inner workings and the labour required to get a new door up and running. From building the door to fit your garage perfectly, to connecting all the right wiring for automated functions as required, the cost of replacing a garage door soon adds up. 

In addition, paying attention to your garage door and repairing small issues as they appear will help to extend the lifespan of the door and keep it in good, working order for longer.

When to replace garage doors

If the damage to your garage door is too great to repair, either as a result of an accident or due to a build up of small issues that have become irreparable over time, then you may find that you need to replace it completely.

For most homeowners, this realisation comes when they recognise the impact the damage is having on the security of their home, or in the case of a damaged door affecting the insulating properties of the home. For those houses where the garage is connected to the main body of the home, a damaged door can quickly cause the entire home to lose heat – making replacement wholly necessary.

The benefits of replacing your garage door

When you invest in a replacement garage door, you benefit from the versatility of choice now available on the modern garage door market – in terms of fit, mechanics, style, aesthetic appearance, and even texture. Not only does that mean our customers are free to select the perfect finish for them, but it means they benefit from the upgraded materials and security details now linked with garage doors, which maximise their lifespan and optimise the security effectiveness.

Finally, a new garage door helps add to the value of your property if you are planning to sell and can be a selling point linked to the look and safety of the home.

Still not sure whether you should be repairing or replacing your garage door? That’s where we come in.

Ask professionals at Diamond Garage Doors

With expertise that relates to both the repair and replacement of garage doors, our team is primed and ready to help you decide which is the best option for you. Contact a member of our team for more information on what the repair process and installation process looks like, and to discuss your project in more detail.

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