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Published on 23 June 2022

For most people, garages are handy storage spaces where items can be kept out the way. The value of items typically stored in a garage ranges from inexpensive Christmas decorations through to expensive cars and other types of vehicles. Even if you don’t keep much in your garage, for most people, garages are attached to their houses, so there’s still a desperate need to keep intruders out.

For the most part, new garage doors are secure enough, but there are a few additional steps you can take to keep your garage all the more secure. In this blog, we’re going to look at just some of the ways you can ensure the security of your garage, so keep reading if you’re keen to learn more.


How to Make Your Garage Door More Secure

As mentioned, most new garage doors are secure and come with enhanced safety features and locks, but the same doesn’t necessarily apply to older doors. Generally speaking, with the correct garage door maintenance, you’ll find that your door lasts for years. Even if it’s older and doesn’t have all the latest locking systems, there are still ways you can enhance your garage door security.

How to Secure Your Garage?

So, how do you go about enhancing the security of your garage? Firstly, it’s a good idea to remove valuable items from close to the door. If possible, box valuables up and keep them out of a direct line of sight. This means when your garage door is open, potential snoopers won’t be able to identify any appealing objects, and this will, in turn, make you less of a target for theft. When boxing items, secure them with locks. If the items are too big to be boxed, like bikes, chain them all together. This will make them harder to steal.

On a similar wavelength, consider what you keep in the garage. If it’s something sentimental and extremely valuable to you that could be kept elsewhere in the house, move it there. Of course, you can’t keep big items like a car in the loft, but expensive tools and keepsakes could potentially be moved.

Another way to increase security is to always make sure your garage door is closed when you’re not in it. Even if you’re just popping into the house for something quickly, that’s enough time for someone to get in and gain access to your garage. Close it and lock it every time you leave.

For added peace of mind, consider a locking garage door bolt. They work with most garages and can be easily installed. In addition, security lights or an alarm system can also work.

There are lots of easy ways to deter thieves and keep your garage secure, with garage door maintenance being the main one. To find out more about how best to maintain your garage door, get in touch and speak to one of our experts today.

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