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Published on 25 February 2016

A garage can be a huge benefit to any home, providing added storage space and a secure place to keep your car away from the outside elements. Even better is an automated garage door, providing the added convenience of opening remotely from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we use the latest technology to install electric garage doors, so we’ve listed some of the top benefits to automating your garage door below.


Opening your garage door manually can be inconvenient, forcing you to leave your car to open the door, and making it impossible to easily transport several items to and from the garage without putting them down first.

An automated garage door alleviates this problem, providing a convenient solution that allows you to open your garage at the touch of the button. This can be a particularly useful feature in the winter, allowing you to drive into the comfort of your garage without having to brave the cold or rainy elements!


Automated garage doors tend to offer a superior level of security to your home, acting as a deterrent to would-be thieves, and allowing you to know if your door has been opened when you’re not there.

Older manual doors can often provide an easy point of access to burglars, whereas your quality automated door using latest technology provides as secure a barrier as any other entrance to your home, providing ease of mind that your belongings are safe even when you’re away.


All electric garage doors incorporate a safety feature that stops the door as soon as an obstruction is met during operation. This provides an important added level of safety not always possible to achieve with manual doors, ensuring that nothing – and no one – is hurt should it be in the path of the door when it closes.


We use only the highest quality materials, installing your electric garage door for a professional finish. To give you added peace of mind, however, we also offer a three year guarantee for the work, so you can rest assured that your door will last for years to come.
Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we operate across Luton, Bedford and Milton Keynes, so to book your free survey and quote today, or to simply find out more information about the services we offer, feel free to contact us today – we’ll be happy to help.

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