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Published on 29 August 2019

Your garage can be a place that you store some of your most valued possessions and things that you have worked hard for, therefore, protecting them is essential. Whether your garage door is attached to your home or not, either way, it is important that the security needs are being met this is to protect the contents of your garage and the rest of your property if it is accessible through the garage. You should have basic level security such as an intruder alarm installed. However, you may think that this level of security isn’t good enough anymore due to the fact you’re becoming more aware of the property crime in your area or it has increased.

Garage door security features

Now garage doors can and should have a number of security features which come as standard in all door styles and designs. Here at Diamond Garage doors, we have been making sure for many years that we have the best quality garage doors in the market. All of our garage doors have been through rigorous testing and improving to make sure they are perfect for you and not weak.

The most common security features that are seen in garage doors are:

Automatic garage doors have a very secure locking mechanism which is powered by the door motor which is designed to be constantly pushing the door downwards until it’s activated by the remote control to be opened.

Garage Doors

What can I use to protect my garage door

Many people buy defenders these work by preventing entry and blocking the outward swing of the garage door. This means that with the defender if someone tries to open the door, they won’t be able too.


How can I not make my garage a target

You need to just remember the basics, things like making sure your garage door is shut when not in use to avoid leaving it open for passers-by to be able to see in, you never know who is watching. Also, if you are leaving your garage door open for long periods of time and a thief could come in right under your nose and take some of your belongings, especially if you are in the garden sorting things.

If you are concerned about the level of security of your garage door and would like to look at options on how you can make it more secure or simply want to know more about automation then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us on 01525 713 600 or alternatively head over to our contact page and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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