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Published on 31 July 2019

If you have a garage and have an automatic system in a place where you can open and close garage doors with the push of a button, you may not know how important it is to take care of them and give them servicing and repair where necessary. You may also not know how to take care of them. If you keep your doors adequately serviced and repaired, you will not worry about the need for significant servicing or alternatives later in the doors life. 


Inspecting Garage Doors

It is crucial to inspect garage doors regularly to ensure they are in good working order. When inspecting garage doors you are looking for parts and mechanisms that could be dropped, damaged or seized. If any part needs to be repaired, you should get it repaired or replaced before using the door again, this will then prevent any further damage from occurring. If you are mechanically savvy, you could buy the parts needed and service the door yourself. Alternatively, you can contact a garage door servicing and repair company and have them service or repair your garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance

Why Getting an Expert is Best

Although you can save some money if you know how to service and repair your garage door, a specialist is trained and experienced with the repair and servicing of garage doors. It is always best for professionals to undertake any servicing or repairs needed, this is because some garage doors contain mechanisms that can use a high amount of strength and tension, if these parts are then dealt with wrongly there is the potential that it could lead to personal injury.


Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Make sure to remember to lubricate moving parts of the garage doors regularly, this ensures ease of use and stops moving parts to become seized. You can find the right lubricants at hardware and home appliance improvement stores. Make sure that the oil you buy is in the form of a spray can with a stick rod, this allows to direct the oil to specific parts and getting into tighter spots is made easier. Areas such as the hinges, shutters, rollers, door panels, and hooks all require further special attention when servicing garage doors. This is because they become worn with use of the garage door, and are prone to rust when they come in contact with water. 

Lubricants can help with keeping the mechanisms clean and prevent unnecessary corrosion. Once the lubricant is applied, you should use the door several times to help the distribution of lubricant and oil evenly across all moving parts and mechanisms.

The lock on your garage door should also be lubricated to ensure that this does not seize into place making the door unopenable. You should also lubricate the keyhole to ensure the locking mechanism is working smoothly, using your garage door key when lubricating will help with the distribution of lubricant within the keyhole. 

Replace a Broken Garage Door Spring.


Remember to always be very careful and cautious when operating any mechanical devices. Ensure all safety measures are taken, including the use of safety equipment. If you are ever unsure when servicing your garage door, contact an experienced professional to undertake the job needed. It is essential to maintain garage doors and annual maintenance avoids the chances of replacement or large and expensive servicing in the future.


Please note that before you perform any maintenance on your garage door, be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions and requirements as well as any warranty there may be. If you cannot find these details or have problems locating your guide, you can search online or hire a garage door technician to provide the service you need.


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