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Published on 20 December 2016

Whether they’ve recently moved into a new home or have lived in the same place for many years, homeowners have a tendency to neglect their garage door, despite the fact that it may be damaged, worn out or outdated.

A garage door should be designed with modern requirements in mind, so as to provide the most convenient, simple and secure operation possible. In this article, we’re looking at how modern roller garage doors can be one of the best garage door solutions available for any homeowner.

Older doors are prime targets for thieves

Your garage will be one of the most easy-to-identify parts of your property, always on show to passersby, and that makes it a likely target for thieves and vandals. An older garage door, which hasn’t been properly maintained or looked after, will be a prime candidate for an attempted break in.

Many home-related robberies are opportunistic, performed by criminals as they pass by and notice a weak spot or easy target by sight. An old or outdated garage door, which is loose around the edges or has a weak or primitive locking system, for instance, will be an obvious flag for any passing thief.

Investing in a modern, state-of-the-art garage door, such as a roller shutter, will immediately strengthen the security of your garage. With automation as standard, the roller shutter garage doors at Diamond Garage Doors offer vastly improved deterrence and security over older, manual doors. With no discernible weak points and strict access control, roller garage doors are up there with the best of them when it comes to a completely modern and secure garage door solution.

Remote control

One of the most important advancements in technology when it comes to garage doors is automation. Remote control garage doors aren’t a completely new concept, but they can be overlooked with people often sticking to traditional, manual operation doors instead.

Remote control offers a range of benefits to homeowners, from base security improvements to vastly superior convenience. Roller shutter garage doors work perfectly with remote controls, as the doors themselves are already designed to be as compact and convenient as possible.

Remote operation makes them even more simple to use, allowing you to open and close your door without having to leave your car. Even without automation, roller shutters allow you to make full use of the driveway, parking your vehicle right up to the door without impeding on the garage itself. With automation added into the mix, you can access your garage without having to awkwardly work around your car to manually lift the shutter. Remote control makes using your garage door entirely simple and convenient, cutting out any of the hassle that exists with older, lss advanced garage doors.

Access control

Automation also boosts the security of your garage, giving greater control over who can and who cannot enter your garage at any given time. Remote roller shutters only activate when the corresponding remote control key has been activated, so naturally legitimate access is limited from the beginning. You can also benefit from additional smart sensors, too, which wirelessly communicate when your garage door has been opened or closed. This makes it easier than ever to monitor your garage door when you’re not at home, allowing you to judge and respond to potential break-ins immediately, should one occur.

Automation has been an ongoing development, with sensors and remotes becoming more sophisticated security wise, while remaining easy to understand and operate for the user. The roller shutter garage doors at Diamond Garage Doors come with automation as standard, using the latest technology to provide secure access control to help make your garage and all of your stored belongings as safe and secure as can be.

Additional features

A truly state-of-the-art garage door utilises additional smart security features to further secure your property. The roller shutter garage doors at Diamond Garage Doors can be equipped with cameras and sensors to provide a more comprehensive security measure for your entire property. Cameras are one of the most useful and effective security features available, and fits in perfectly with a state-of-the-art roller shutter garage door. If the door does happen to be accessed without your consent or knowledge, a camera will be able to document the situation and will be a critical source of evidence should a break-in be a factor. Cameras are also effective deterrents, bolstering the already robust appearance of the roller door making them even less appealing to potential criminals passing by.

Sensors for automated doors also improve the general safety of the door, ensuring that it cannot close where obstructions are present. This can be incredibly appealing to homeowners with pets or children. Older, manual garage doors can be a major safety hazard, particularly if they haven’t been well maintained. Remote controlled doors fitted with sensors add a vital safety cushion, which brings one of the most valuable benefits available: peace of mind.

Diamond Garage Doors are experienced suppliers and installers of roller shutter garage doors in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and beyond. Automation comes as standard with roller garage doors, ensuring you enjoy the most modern, safe and convenient garage door solution availableand we also offer automation for your existing garage door, as well as the rest of our range of garage doors. If you require professional garage door repair, maintenance, installation or automation services, dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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