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Published on 28 February 2020

These days there are quite a lot of different types of garage doors to choose from. One type of garage door is a sectional garage door. It provides several functions as a door that will benefit many homes, and it does so with ease and style.

A sectional garage door is a popular choice among households. This is for many reasons, which include the factor of security. Security is, of course, a vital concern for all households. Sectional garage doors are very strong when it comes to security, because of how they function and their robustness.

What is a sectional garage door?

A sectional garage door is split into sections that run on vertical and then horizontal tracks back into a garage. One of the clever things about them is that the garage door rises vertically preventing any loss of driveway space that is in front of the garage. This also becomes an extra benefit to households with bigger vehicles as there is still plenty of room for it when you take the door into account. Furthermore, damage to a vehicle as the door opens or closes is prevented as well.

Just like all types of garage doors, there are choices to be made. Sectional doors do come with a manually operated option, but also electric garage doors can be fitted. The choice here will come down to preference.

Another nice thing about sectional garage doors is that they can look very attractive too. Their style tends to resemble that of a traditional garage door, something that many households would appreciate. Regarding size, they can be purchased in a full range, and designs can be sought out to best fit a home architectural style. 

For example, they can be purchased in a wide range of painted styles or completed with a laminated wood grain finish. Many people like the look of a sectional garage door to be embossed in an attractive wood grain finish. This helps give the appearance of a painted timber door. 

Another way in which the door could be customised to suit the look you are going for is to have a nice window space. It serves the purpose of being a nice little feature for your sectional door but also allows for light to filter through into the garage.

It is not to say they are for everybody, as everyone has different concerns with how they want their door to operate, they may also have a certain look preference that sectional garage doors do not provide. It could be that you cannot quite find a style that looks right with the rest of your home’s exterior.

If bringing a fresh look to your garage is your aim, or perhaps you have just moved home but are not loving the look of your new garage doors, maybe sectional is the way to go for you!

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