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Published on 30 October 2020

A garage door can come in many different shapes and sizes. When selecting a garage door, people will be taking into account their budget, door styles and space available. A sectional garage door can be a good choice in respect of all the above, but also for these 3 key reasons:

Door Functionality

One of the key reasons a household will opt for a sectional door is because of its functionality. A sectional door panel opens to the inside, resting below the garage ceiling or sidewall. This helps reserve space in front of the garage. This is a benefit also to those that have a garage close to a street road, or their fencing. 

Thermal Insulation

It is worth remembering the importance of garage insulation, especially as it can begin to affect other areas of the household. And, more than likely you don’t want to be cold when entering the garage, so it pays to sort out your garage insulation. Sectional garage doors can help to reduce heating costs in the long term and are more effective in providing thermal insulation than other door types. One of the reasons for this is due to many of these doors having panels that are filled with PU-foam. You also find they have a good sealing system and set of inter-panel covers.

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Safety is one of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing a garage door. Sectional garage doors are fitted with cable brake protection. This safety aid serves as a brake to prevent door panels dropping, should there be a mechanical or power failure. In addition to this, the door will have spring break protection.

Stronger Bolting and Overload Protection

Sectional garage doors provide a layer of safety from the outside of the garage too, as they can help protect against burglary. For starters, they have stronger bolting in their structure than other garage door types. You can even fit a sectional door with extra protection against levering, this is done by having the door automatically bolted into the base of the garage as it is closed. Further to this, a sectional garage door can be fitted with overload protection. This means that if the door is obstructed, the door will stop and then retract in an upwards motion. This is especially helpful to those who may have concerns for any children or pets.

Some compelling reasons to consider a sectional door! Remember, a sectional door should be able to fit onto most garage types, but make sure to check before purchasing one. And also, when looking for a quality manufacturer of sectional doors, make sure you have a trusted company to install the door too.

Recent stats show us that almost 80% of garage door owners choose a sectional garage door. But whilst many people may have one, you do not need to have one that looks the same as everyone else’s as these doors come in an excellent range of designs to suit all sorts of tastes.

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