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Published on 30 January 2023

Roller Garage Door Vs Up and Over Garage Doors

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These are the two main types of garage door; this blog will help you to decide which is the best for you when looking to revamp your garage.

What Is a Roller Garage Door?

Roller garage doors are so called because of the way they open, rolling up in a fluid motion to the top of the garage. This movement takes up no space so can suit any size of house or driveway, making it a versatile option.

These doors are commonly made from aluminium, this lightweight material is the ideal substance for smooth opening and closing with little to no sound. Other materials are also available if you want a different aesthetic or strength.

Benefits of a roller garage door

These types of doors aren’t bulky so don’t. take up precious real estate in your garage space. This comes in handy if you use your garage for something other than car storage like as a utility room, you don’t have to compromise on space for appliances.

These doors can be made with materials that are great at insulating your garage- ideal for when energy prices are high.

The simple way this door opens and closes makes it a great choice if you will be coming in and out of the garage multiple times a day, it is easier to operate than an up and over design.

The simple design can be made even easier by automating your door to open with the touch of a button. You don’t have to get out of your car to open it up when you’re coming in from a long day at work.

What Is an Up and Over Garage Door? 

An up-and-over garage door does what it says on the tin- you can open it by lifting it up and over!  Something to bear in mind is that you tend to need a little bit more space on your driveway with these types of garage doors to accommodate for the motion of the opening mechanism. There are different materials available with differing levels of durability and a range of aesthetics.

There are lots of benefits to having an up and over garage door such as. For example, up and over doors:

This makes access to the garage as easy as the push of a button. Coming and going is as simple as that.

The look and operation are straightforward, and this is attractive to homeowners who don’t like to overcomplicate the design of their house.

You can choose the look of your garage door as this type of door comes in many different materials and finishes.

You don’t need to put in lots of work to keep your doors looking stylish and fresh, a dab of paint every few years is all you need. 

Ask Professionals at Diamond Garage Doors

All in all, these are the reasons why these two designs are the most popular with homeowners, there are great benefits to each and you don’t have to compromise on the look of your house.

If you are still unsure about which garage door is best for you, feel free to contact an expert at Diamond Garage DoorsThey would be more than happy to explain the best options for your specific requirements to get the ideal bespoke garage door.

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