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Published on 26 August 2021

In the last 12 months, UK homeowners have spent over £4,000 each on average, just on DIY projects. There are several ways to look at this, firstly this is unusually high due to the various lockdown elements of the Covid-19 pandemic including the furlough scheme and a lot more people working from home. Yes, boredom was a factor but you have to consider the bigger picture too.

Astute investments in personal home projects are not just for the present to give you something to do. They are long-term financial gems that can reap rewards for the future by adding to the value of your house. DIY home renovations completed in full and to the correct standard can be financially rewarding for years to come and can amount to a significant increase in your property value.

Property value in Luton

Diamond Garage Doors understands the average price for property in Luton and the surrounding areas stood at £272,598 in August 2021. Whilst this is a rise of 2.93% from this time last year, it is a drop of 1.98% since May 2021 showing quite the fall in just three months. Flats in Luton and its surroundings sold for an average of £151,177, while terraced houses sold for an average of £229,449.

What value can a garage add to my property?

For those without a garage, adding one could be worth an additional £11k to anyone interested in buying your home when the time is right. The prospect of having secure and safe private accommodation for belongings and vehicles is something for which people are willing to pay the extra cash. It is convenient, more practical, and will bring car insurance down so you save overall by investing more initially.

If you have an existing garage, consider the benefits of upgrading it. A tired and old-fashioned garage door can be off-putting for potential buyers. Even if you are not selling immediately, improving the aesthetics of your garage door can transform the perception of a home. A stylish, modern garage door can bring class and sophistication to the exterior of your property and provide a fresh vibe and appearance for anyone that passes it.

First impressions are everything and if you’re coming home to or welcoming guests at your property with anything but an elegant front-facing garage door then you are not presenting a great impression of your house. Add the ‘wow’ factor to your house and make the outside an inviting place for family and friends to be welcomed into your home. An insulated garage door can truly inspire, make a difference on the complete exterior design, and improve your bank balance long-term too.

The Right Improvements Make Big Profit 

Small tweaks around the house and maintenance to the premises to boost property value are great ways of increasing the return on your investment. Simple but effective changes with clever additions and enhancements can make a world of difference. So, if you want to give your property more appeal and increase its value, then you should consider a new garage door!

If this blog has sparked your interest in upgrading or obtaining a garage door why not see what Diamond Garage Doors could do for you, contact us or call us directly at 01525 713600.

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