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Published on 30 November 2017

My Garage Door Won't Close - Can I Fix It?Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we’re garage door repair specialists. As you can imagine, we’ve come across all manner of faults in our time in the industry. No matter how small or large the problem is, if your garage door won’t close and you can’t detect the problem – it can be a real pain.

What’s more, if left long enough, this problem can turn into a security risk, leaving the contents of your garage vulnerable to theft. Acknowledging this, this month, the team at Diamond Garage Doors will outline some of the most common reasons why you’re door won’t close, and the appropriate course of action to fix it.

It’s come off its tracks

The cause of this problem may vary rather a lot. Sometimes, a garage door may be de-tracked after being struck hard by something, bending the metal brackets instantly. Conversely, the tracks may have simply begun to warp over time due to changes in temperature. In either case, it’s likely that your tracks will need to be looked at and replaced by a qualified technician. If you’d like to know more about this you can check our blog post on reasons why garage doors can come off their tracks.

Faulty eye sensors

Either side of your garage door, there are safety eye sensors which transmit a beam between them. If anything crosses this beam, the garage door will halt to avoid an accident. However, if this feature is triggered abnormally due to a fault in the system, this can stop the door from closing altogether.

One reason for the fault could simply be that the sensors aren’t aligned. To check this, try and move them around to see if they sync up again. If this doesn’t work however, then it’s probably time to call a professional.

Springs, cables and hinges

These three components of your garage door can often cause problems due to their complex nature and the roles they play in the doors internal mechanism.



Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we carry out emergency repairs for garage doors, and have a comprehensive range of replacement parts on hand to get your garage door back up and running in no time. All of our garage doors are fully compliant with relevant safety legislation, and our team of professional engineers carry out every installation with safety and reliability in mind. To find out more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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