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Published on 30 May 2024

How to Secure a Garage Door

Stop Garage Break-Ins – Expert Security Advice for Your Home

Is your garage door a weak link in your home security? A garage break-in can be devastating, leading to the loss of valuable tools, equipment, or even access to your home. If you’re a homeowner in Luton, Bedford or Milton Keynes, knowing how to secure a garage door against intruders is crucial, especially if you store goods, use your garage as a workshop, or have an entrance to your house through the garage.

At Diamond Garage Doors, we understand the unique security challenges faced by homeowners. With years of experience serving Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, we’ve seen firsthand the tactics burglars use to target garages. We’re here to share our expertise, providing you with practical, actionable advice to protect your belongings and give you peace of mind.

In this guide, we’ll cover the most common security vulnerabilities in garage doors, whether you have a roller shutter, up-and-over, or sectional door. We’ll show you how to identify weak points and implement simple yet effective solutions to deter even the most determined intruders.

5 Often-Overlooked Ways to Boost Your Garage Door’s Security

Securing your garage isn’t just about the door itself. It’s a combination of smart habits and little tweaks that make a huge difference. At Diamond Garage Doors, we’ve seen it all, from high-tech break-ins to simple mistakes that leave garages vulnerable. Here are 5 tips we’ve gathered over years in the business. We can guarantee they work wonders for keeping your belongings safe.

5 Security Tips

  1. Light It Up – We can’t stress this enough – a well-lit garage is a burglar’s nightmare. Motion-activated lights around your garage not only deter unwanted visitors, but they also make it easier to spot any suspicious activity. Plus, coming home to a bright garage is a nice welcome!
  2. Hide the Goods – It might sound obvious, but don’t advertise your valuables. If your garage has windows, cover them with blinds or curtains. For items you can’t hide, consider lockable cabinets or even a sturdy storage bin with a padlock. A little bit of concealment goes a long way.
  3. The “Vacation Trick” – Going away? Make your garage look occupied. Use a timer to turn on a light or radio inside at random intervals. It’s a small effort that creates the illusion of someone being home, making your garage less tempting to would-be intruders.
  4. Reinforce the Door – It’s not just about the locks. Consider reinforcing your garage door with a metal plate or additional deadbolts. This can deter attempts to pry the door open, especially if you have an older, weaker model. We’ve installed many of these and seen firsthand how they can thwart break-ins.
  5. Remember the Remote – We know it’s convenient, but keeping your garage door remote in your car is a big risk. If your car is broken into, thieves instantly have access to your garage. Make it a habit to bring your remote inside with you or consider a smart garage door opener that you can control with your phone. It’s a small change that can save you a lot of trouble.

Roller Shutter Garage Door Security

Roller Shutter Garage Door Security

Roller shutters have become a popular choice for garage doors, and for good reason. Their sleek design and robust construction offer a high level of security. But did you know there are simple ways to further enhance their protection? As leading providers of roller shutter garage doors in Luton, Bedford, and Milton Keynes, we at Diamond Garage Doors know a thing or two about maximising their security. Here’s what we recommend:

1. Regular Maintenance is Key

Keep those rollers rolling smoothly! Regular maintenance ensures your shutter operates flawlessly, preventing potential weak points that burglars could exploit. Lubricate the tracks, check for any signs of wear and tear, and make sure the motor is functioning properly. A well-maintained shutter is a tough barrier to breach.

2. Lock it Down

Most roller shutters come with a built-in locking mechanism, but adding an extra layer of security is always a good idea. Consider installing a manual lock or a sturdy padlock through the bottom slat. This makes it much harder for intruders to force the shutter open.

3. Shield the Control Box

The control box is the brain of your roller shutter, so protect it! A metal casing or even a simple plastic box can deter tampering and prevent unauthorised access. This is especially important if your control box is located outside.

4. Invest in an Alarm System

An alarm system specifically designed for roller shutters can be a powerful deterrent. The loud siren will startle any intruder and alert you or your neighbours to the attempted break-in. Some systems even have remote monitoring features, giving you peace of mind even when you’re not home.

Up-and-Over Garage Door Security

At Diamond Garage Doors, we have extensive experience installing and maintaining up-and-over doors, and we’ve learned a few tricks to keep them burglar-proof.

1. Lock It Down (and Then Some)

Most up-and-over doors have a basic locking mechanism, but it’s worth considering additional locks for extra peace of mind. Installing a padlock through the handle or adding a hasp and staple lock can significantly deter intruders. For ultimate security, consider a garage door defender – a sturdy metal bar that blocks the door from opening even if the lock is defeated.

2. Reinforce the Weak Spots

Pay attention to the door’s hinges and the connection points between the door and the frame. These areas can be vulnerable to forced entry. Reinforce them with additional screws, bolts, or metal plates. This simple step can make a big difference in deterring would-be thieves.

3. Shield the Windows

If your up-and-over door has windows, they can be a weak point. Consider covering them with a security film or replacing them with frosted or opaque glass. This prevents potential intruders from seeing inside and assessing whether your garage is worth targeting.

4. Automate and Upgrade

Modern technology offers convenient security solutions. If you’re still using a manual up-and-over door, consider upgrading to an automated system. Many automatic garage door openers come with rolling code technology, which changes the access code each time you use the remote, making it nearly impossible for thieves to copy the signal.

Sectional Garage Door Security

Sectional Garage Door Security

Sectional garage doors are known for their inherent security features. Like any garage door, though, they can be vulnerable to break-ins if not properly secured. Here are our top security tips:

1. Lockdown is Essential

Sectional doors usually come with a locking mechanism, but reinforcing it is a wise move. Adding a manual lock or a heavy-duty padlock to the bottom panel can significantly deter forced entry. Consider a garage door defender for even more protection — it’s a metal bar that prevents the door from being lifted even if the lock is compromised.

2. Check the Tracks

The tracks that guide the sections of the door are crucial for smooth operation and security. Regularly inspect them for any signs of damage, misalignment, or obstructions. If the tracks are compromised, it could create a weak point for intruders to exploit.

3. Shield the Emergency Release

Sectional doors often have an emergency release mechanism for manual operation in case of a power outage. Ensure this release is properly secured and not easily accessible from the outside. You might consider installing a protective cover or a tamper-proof lock to prevent unauthorised access.

Don’t leave your garage’s security as an afterthought. Diamond Garage Doors will guide you through the best security features for your new garage door. We’ll help you choose the right door, locks, and accessories to ensure your garage is protected from day one. Contact us today to find out about the range of garage doors we offer.

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