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Published on 27 April 2021


Man Painting His own Garage door

Garage doors can often be prone to a bit of wear and tear. Exposed to the outside elements of extreme weather conditions, dirt, and debris, garage doors can begin to look rusty, flaky, or just generally lose that brand-new appearance. 

But rest assured, with a bit of maintenance, a durable garage door can make its way through several decades. Here are a few steps you can take to get your garage door looking great again.

A Step-by-Step Process




Preparation is key. Remember, you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without correctly preparing your garage door for a makeover, you will likely end up in the same position as you were to begin.

Before proceeding with anything else, give your garage door a wash with a cloth and soapy water. You will then want to use a sugar soap solution before leaving to dry. Once dry, lightly sand, which will get rid of any previous flaking paint and aid with degreasing.


Step 2 is priming. Priming is another crucial step in the process, as directly applying a coat of paint without a primer will not give you the desired brand-new look. Use a metal primer to go over your metal garage door.

Some makes of primer will only require one coat, but others will suggest more. Just be sure to read the specific instructions. Allow the primer to dry for at least 12 hours before beginning to paint.


Now comes the fun part! Painting a garage door can be done using either a brush or roller. For many jobs, a single coat will do, but this is dependent on which type of paint you choose to use and the type of garage.

Most importantly, however, is that you must wait at least 12 hours to allow your first coat of paint to dry, should you need a second.


To keep your garage door looking in tip-top shape, be sure to carry out maintenance by regularly cleaning and watching out for when you need to apply another layer of paint.

 Useful Tips for Getting Your Garage Door Looking New Again: 

     1)  Check the weather. The best day to paint your garage door is one that avoids any extreme weather conditions. Being too hot outside, rainy, or being particularly windy can all be barriers to painting your garage.  

     2)  Tape off areas you do not want to be painted. Taking this step will mean you avoiding getting paint anywhere it shouldn’t be. Similarly, you can lay down an old sheet to catch any drips from reaching the floor.

     3)  If you choose to use a roller for your painting, use a dry brush to go over the garage once it is dried. As a result, you will get a shiny finish and get rid of any roller marks. 

Although we all may consider ourselves DIY experts at times, sometimes it is best to call in professionals. If it is a whole new garage door you need, a bit of advice, or spare parts, Diamond Garage Doors can help. For any real problems you can’t cover yourself, we will be there.

Diamond Garage Doors

If your garage door has seen better days and requires a repair to keep it safe and secure, call the dedicated team at Diamond Garage Doors.

As we work directly with a variety of manufacturers, we stock spare parts to match, ensuring your repair is carried out with quality materials and lasts.

Call us now on 01525 713600, or fill out an inquiry form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


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