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Published on 1 May 2019

Roller shutter garage doors have become one of the most popular types of garage doors, elevating homes across the UK. Their stylish looks and many benefits are key persuasion points for any homeowner. Roller shutter garage doors open vertically, ideal for those with short driveways, maximising space and efficiency. Automation is standard for all of our roller shutter garage doors, making your life that little bit easier. Whilst retaining heat and reducing sound, our roller shutter garage doors have the added benefit of security.  


When it comes to durability, roller shutter garage doors are able to withstand extreme weather and are added security for both you and your home. Our roller shutter garage doors have the highest advantage over security than any other type of doors if an intruder was to try and break into your home, they wouldn’t even know where to start. Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we offer the added option of an anti-lifting locking system, this ensures high security for you and your family.

Roller Shutter Garage Door

Let’s compare roller shutter garage doors to other types of garage doors.

Sectional garage doors are sectioned into parts. they’re attached by hinges, these doors when opened are rolled up and settle parallel to the rooftop of the garage. The hinges in which the sectional garage doors are made up of can become damaged at a higher rate at which a roller shutter garage door would.  Moreover, you need enough ceiling space for sectional garage doors while roller shutters require a small amount of space.


Slide to the side garage doors is the go-to option for people who have limited ceiling space, but again if the trolley is damaged the entire unit is difficult to manage. This is because the entire model is dependent on trolleys.


Up and over doors or commonly known as “tilt doors”, they’re more commonly used in larger garages, this is because of the space they require. If you don’t have the space to occupy an up and over garage door a roller shutter garage door is a great alternative, needing very little amounts of space.


From comparing roller shutter garage doors to other types of garage doors, we have uncovered that roller shutter garage door is perfect for all homes no matter the size of space or type of home you may have. With our bespoke roller shutter garage doors, we are able to build the perfect garage door for you and your home. Another important aspect to remember is that they are heavy duty doors meaning that the security of your home is increased protecting you and your family. In any other model if the core concept of door fails it is difficult to use the door, but in case of roller doors, you can manually roll the door up and down if the drum doesn’t work.

Roller Shutter Electric Door

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