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Published on 30 June 2020

An electric garage door has become a part of many people’s households and over the years they have seen a significant increase in use. This is hardly surprising as they carry some excellent benefits. But how do electric garage doors work? In this blog, we will be taking a closer look at our high-quality electric garage doors.

There are several main types of electric garage doors. Such as:

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

These are versatile options that have a vertical opening and use no internal tracks. Roller garage doors are usually made with steel or aluminium. They work like a curtain in that they consist of slats that roll around themselves at the top of the door opening. This is regarded as a generally safe and secure option as a garage door. Roller garage doors have the added benefit of saving space inside your garage.

You may also be familiar with tilt garage doors, which rely on a tilting mechanism to open. These are doors that may have a track fitting, T fittin, Jamb or J fitting. It is the Jamb type that is most common. It works by tilting outward and then lifting to open half inside whilst the other half remains sitting on the outside of the garage opening, The track type is different in that it can be tilted backwards and upwards so that it recesses into the garage, saving space.

Man standing on a ladder fixing automatic garage door opener

Panel/Sectional Garage Doors

A type of door that is usually divided into 4 panels that are stacked over each other to form the door structure. Because of these divisions the electronic door is retracted upwards and does not make the door move outwards when it’s opened, thanks to each panel being hinged together. You will often find that this type of door also contains rollers which are placed into the hinges and the hinges are guided by tracks for every side panel/sectional.

Over & Up Doors

These are a very popular choice of an electric garage door. Open and up doors work using a single panel piece that when opened rests against the ceiling of your garage. As you can imagine they need very little to control and are overall one of the easiest electronic garage doors to operate as a result.

Roller Shutter Electric Door

Canopy Garage Doors

Another single panel garage door, canopy doors flip open using vertical tracks that can be found on the side of the frame door. The idea is that a third of the canopy electric garage door protrudes outside, which results in a small extra shelter past the garage itself. These are light-weight doors which makes them much easier to move up and down along their vertical sideways track.

Overall, electric garage doors come highly recommended due to the benefits that we have explored within this blog. If you have never purchased an electric garage door before, then now may well be the time to take the plunge and reap the benefits. You may also like to consider an electric garage door opener, a device which can be used to electronically open and close your existing garage doors. This is a good choice if you’re deciding on your perfect electronic garage door!

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