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Published on 31 October 2017

dispose of old garage door

The Question:  what on earth are you going to do with your old garage door? With such a cumbersome object, what could possibly be the best way of getting shot of it? Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we understand that hundreds of people experience this frustrating problem each and every year. As such, this month, we will be laying out your options as to how you should dispose of it, whether it be quickly, safely, or in a manner which is environmentally friendly.

For more information on the doors we offer, or what might be the best choice for you, feel free to contact the team here at Diamond Garage Doors today, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Rely on your garage door dealer

This would certainly be the simplest way in which you could dispose of your old garage door: allowing the company you purchased the new garage door from to take away the old one and let them dispose of it themselves. Arguably what makes this method appealing is it allows a seamless transition between the removal and installation of your old and new garage doors respectively, meaning there is a minimal hassle.

Diamond Garage Doors provides a pickup and disposal service if you are in the following areas:

Get in contact with our team of professionals and help get rid of your unwanted old garage door.

Hauling away your old garage door

As you can imagine, this option is significantly cheaper than allowing your garage door dealer to help out. What’s more, you get the satisfaction of knowing that it’s definitely going to the recycling centre! Most, if not all, garage doors are recyclable, so simply take your old door to your local centre – you might even get paid for your contribution!

The only problem with is method is as follows: it will take a large amount of effort. Unfortunately, garage doors are particularly large, awkward items, making their transportation an extremely frustrating task. If you can overcome this problem, however, then the planet will certainly thank you for it!

DIY recycling

If neither of those options appeals to you, then how about recycling DIY style? You could cut down your old door and make some garden planters, some household crafts – your options are only limited by your imagination!

Repairs and Spares: Diamond Garage Doors

If your garage door is damaged but not old enough to replace, or you just want it to work as it should rather than throwing it out, we provide garage door repair service. We can quickly repair and replace any fault which might have developed with your door. Our professional engineers can visit your home for specialist repairs, helping to restore your garage back to full working order.

We offer a selection of high-quality garage doors here at Diamond Garage Doors, all designed with maximum security in mind. With a 3 year guarantee on all fittings, you can rest assured that your door is made from the finest materials, with a professional installation service to ensure a perfect fit.


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