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Published on 28 June 2017

As convenient and useful as a garage door is to the family, it’s still a large and heavy piece of machinery that, when poorly maintained, can pose a health and safety risk. To avoid endangering yourself and your family, follow our tips from this month’s post. June, afterall, is National Garage Door Safety Month, so let’s learn to stay safe around our garage doors.

Limit children’s access to the garage door

Children are the most likely to be hurt by a garage door and are unfortunately the most likely to play around with one. Minimise the risk by keeping keys away from where children can access them, and if your door has a control panel make sure it’s installed out of reach.

Don’t be reluctant to tell your children how dangerous it is to mess around with a garage door; it’s the only way for them to understand that misusing it is a risk. Also, set a good example by refraining from playing with the door yourself. Indiana Jones impressions are fun, but they are no substitute for keeping your children safe.

Test the door and have it serviced

Always check over your garage door and contact a professional if it malfunctions. Do not attempt to fix it yourself, especially automated doors that are complicated to repair. Not only will you potentially further damage the door, but you might inadvertently void the warranty.

It’s worth booking an annual or bi-annual garage door service, in which case a technician gives your garage door its equivalent of a car MOT. Major parts are checked, cleaned and replaced if worn or damaged and importantly you can have peace of mind. It’s a great way to stay safe and guarantee your door gives years of reliable service.

Watch the door is fully closed

If your garage door is electronically operated, or automated with a key fob, always watch the door close fully rather than pressing the button and walking away. This will ensure no one comes near the door while it closes. This has two main benefits:

This may sound overly vigilant, but malfunctioning garage doors have been known in the past to be a major factor in opportunistic burglary. Don’t give them the chance: simply watch the garage door close to make sure it closes fully. With this handy tip you’ll protect your family and your home.

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