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Published on 30 January 2017

Safety is the paramount concern when it comes to choosing and installing any garage door for your property. Modern electric garage doors bring a host of convenient benefits to homeowners across the country, but to make sure they operate to the safest possible standards, there are some specific considerations that need to be made.

In this article, we’re looking at the safety and legislation standards involved with automated garage doors, as well as why these industry standards are required.

Aelectric garage doorccident prevention

Safety legislation for is an important part of the garage door design and installation process. Accidents happen, and with moving objects the size and weight of your typical garage door any accident has the potential to cause significant damage. That is why a high standard of safety is required with every automated garage door that is installed across the UK.

Safety legislation has seen great development over the years, and the current measures in place have gone a long way towards greatly reducing risk when it comes to day-to-day operation of electric garage doors. Modern electric garage doors are able to detect and react to obstructions, and have systems in place to prevent the door from suddenly falling or dropping. Garage doors which meet the safety legislation requirements are deemed safe for domestic use, and customers should always check and ask for proof that their new garage door is up to official standards before installation.

CE mark

Garage doors which have met the required safety manufacturing standards are labelled with the CE mark. This mark is a seal of approval indicating that the door is fit for domestic installation, and is meets the regulations outlined in the European harmonised product standard BS EN 13241-1.

The CE mark is a necessary part of both the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the Machinery Directive. The CE mark states that the door complies with European safety standards with regards to moving machinery. Any automated door that is installed in the UK must meet both the CPR and Machinery Directive, and be affixed with a CE mark.


Much like the installation of many things, i.e. TV aerial installations, the standard in which it has been done will directly influence how safe and effective your garage door is when it comes to regular use. There are a number of documents which are required to ensure that the installation of the door is a fully compliant, safe one. The installer will provide you with the manufacturer’s documentation, which includes an owner’s manual and a ‘declaration of incorporation’. This declaration states that the door meets the legislation directives we have mentioned above, and is ready for installation (or ‘incorporation’) with the powered system.

After installation – along with a CE mark being affixed to your door with details of the installing engineer and the date of the installation – you will receive a ‘declaration of conformity’. This document is filled out by your installer, and states that the door has been successfully installed to safety legislation standards, and is ready for domestic use. These documents should be retained in case something goes wrong with the mechanism of the door, or if you are selling your home and need to provide proof of a compliant installation of your garage door.

Regular maintenance

Once your electric garage door has been properly tested and installed on your property, it definitely helps to keep on top of  a regular maintenance schedule to make sure that the mechanisms of the door are all kept in top condition throughout its lifespan.

An automated garage door is a complex piece of machinery. The motor, chains, and technology associated with force and obstruction detection, can all suffer wear and tear over time. To prevent a gradual reduction in the performance of your garage door, and to make sure that it operates as safely as possible at all times, discuss some simple manual checks you can carry out with your installer.

If something does happen to go wrong, whether it’s a problem with the motor, tracking alignment or any other mechanism of your powered garage door, you can rely on the professionals to provide a swift repair service.

Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we carry out emergency repairs for garage doors, and have a comprehensive range of replacement parts on hand to get your garage door back up and running in no time. All of our garage doors are fully compliant with relevant safety legislation, and our team of professional engineers carry out every installation with safety and reliability in mind. To find out more about our services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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