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Published on 28 September 2016

For the most part, your garage door will operate for years at a time without undergoing any need for repair, but casting a regular eye over your garage door will help keep it in top condition – and will also allow you to spot any problems as they develop, so you won’t be caught out by a sudden failure or breakage if something does happen to go wrong.

This month, we’re taking a look at some simple garage door maintenance checks you can carry out in order to keep your garage door trouble free.


The simplest maintenance check you can perform is to observe your garage door every time you use it. Keep an eye out for any obvious signs of damage or reduced performance, like grinding/screeching, or if it opens unevenly. Inspect the mechanisms of the door – springs, cables, mounting hardware – and check for any signs of wear or damage. If you find that your garage door is suffering from trouble with one or more of the mechanisms, have a professional take a look to properly rectify the issue.

Clear debris

You should check the tracks for debris regularly as dirt, grit, and even items you have stored in the garage can end up blocking the tracks if left to accumulate. If you spot anything beginning to build up, clear it before using your garage door. Make sure to take steps in the future to prevent items you are storing in the garage from blocking the tracks. Heavy equipment can damage the tracks if unsecured or improperly stored, so pay attention to how and where you store loose items in your garage.

Examine the tracks

While you’re looking for debris, you can also examine the tracks for any damage which may have caused them to become misshapen. If they have become bent or dented, this will seriously impede the operation of the garage door, and should be repaired by a professional before the damage becomes worse.

Test the balance

The balance of your garage door is important; an improperly balanced door will be much harder to open and will put more strain on the mechanisms. Luckily, there’s a simple check you can perform to identify this problem. With the door closed and the automatic opener disconnected, try opening the door to about halfway. The door should open easily, offering little resistance, and should remain open after letting go. If the door proves unusually difficult to lift, and either shuts immediately or shoots upwards, there is likely a problem with the balance of your door.

This check should be performed regularly – once a month is recommended. If you find a balance problem with your garage door, contact a professional to examine and repair the issue.


The rubber seal at the bottom of your garage door is effective at keeping out the elements, so check it every month or so – or more regularly in harsher weather – for any splits or cracks which might be reducing its performance.


The moving parts of your garage door should be kept properly lubricated so they continue to operate seamlessly. You can use spray lubricant to coat the rollers, hinges, springs and tracks.

Test the reversing mechanism

The safety measures of your garage door will prevent it from shutting if something is detected in its path. You can test this easily by opening the door and placing an obstacle in the opening  – a simple wooden plank will do. The door should immediately begin to retract once it makes contact with the wood, indicating that the mechanism is working correctly.

If the door fails to react, there may be a problem with the reversing mechanism. You should contact a professional immediately, and refrain from using the garage door until it is repaired. A garage door that fails to detect obstacles poses a serious hazard to anyone using the garage. This check should be performed monthly – or even weekly – so you can constantly keep an eyes on the safety of the door itself.

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