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Published on 22 March 2016

Your garage door is most likely to be the biggest entrance to your home if it is attached, and as a result can be the biggest contributor to loss of heat if not properly draught proofed. A properly sealed garage can help conserve heat, saving you considerable money on your heating bill.


What’s more, a draught free garage can make the perfect space for a workshop or additional living area, rather than just a murky storage room no one wants to go into. Our team here at Diamond Garage Doors have provided a handy guide below for the best way to draught proof your garage.

Insulate the garage door

A good garage door will keep your belongings safe, but will not necessarily be designed with insulation in mind. As the biggest entrance to your home, it follows that the most amount of heat can be lost through gaps and seams in an uninsulated door, so this is the first task to look at when draught proofing your garage.


You can insulate your garage door yourself if you fancy a DIY project, but another option is to replace your current, old garage door with a new one, providing a more secure door with the preinstalled properties to retain heat and warmth within your garage. We offer a wide range of styles that are available insulated and sealed for your convenience.

Which doors are best for draught proofing?

Some styles of garage doors are better designed to retain heat within your garage than others, so choosing the right door can be essential when looking to eliminate draughts. Some of the best doors to choose from include:

What else could I do?

If you’ve already upgraded your door and still feel a draught in your garage, there are a few other options for completely insulating your garage from the outside elements. One option is insulating your garage ceiling as well as the door, using insulation materials that can be purchase from any hardware store. This can be a great way of keeping any heat that escapes via the garage down to a minimum.

If you are spending more time in your garage, for example to use it as a workshop or extra living space, investing a little more money to keep to space warm and draught-free may be the best solution. Install a dehumidifier or heater to keep the space warm and comfortable for when you spend time in it.

When you purchase your garage door with Diamond Garage Doors, our wide range of styles and additional features guarantee you’ll have a product that suits your requirements exactly. To discuss insulating your garage door with us today, feel free to get in touch – our friendly team are always on hand to answer any enquiries you may have.

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