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Published on 31 March 2020

Are you thinking about purchasing a new garage door? It’s a good idea for many reasons. It can be nice to freshen up the look of the home. More often than not, the garage door tends to be the last part of the home to receive the “freshen up” treatment, even though it tends to be installed at the front of your home. There are some considerations you should make when it comes to buying a new garage door, which we will look at below.

Garage Door Materials

You now need to consider what material you would like your new garage door to be in. Do you fancy the ideal timber, a material that comes in many different varieties? Maybe a steel door will win through as it offers almost unbeatable strength and security. Aluminium is not used too often in the creation of garage doors unless you are looking at specialised sectional doors. 

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is another versatile material however be aware of the cheap offerings. They can be in the form of a door that contains very little material in it at all. The material you should seek for a new garage door is down to what suits your situation and what is the main reason for you wanting a new garage door in the first place.

The Way It Opens

It is not all about the material though, it also comes down to the operating mechanism of the door. Some operating mechanisms that a garage door could use include a roller, sectional, canopy, or side-hinged opening. To help determine what kind of opening would best suit you, you need to consider the space both inside and outside your garage.

Brand New Garage Door

Home Security

This is a very important consideration. While no one can guarantee that every door is burglar-proof, opting for a brand new garage door can help prevent the likeliness of your home being invaded. Just about all modern garage doors will come with locks, and usually pretty good ones as standard. The industry standard is a euro profile cylinder lock with a good quality handle and internal locking rods. 

It will depend on the type of door once again, for example, roller shutter garage doors use different locking methods and there are extra devices that can go with them to make them more secure. Remember it’s not all down to attachments and locks, but the actual strength of the door panel itself.

Garage Door Maintenance

In our busy lives, we may prefer to have a garage door that requires minimal maintenance. To be honest, most modern garage doors shouldn’t require much maintenance at all. Timber doors need to be properly treated but other than that it’s just normal cleaning methods. If you have a high-quality steel door that is galvanised it will usually be painted using paints that will keep their coat for a very long time. Finally, GRP and Upvc garage doors are pretty much maintenance-free.


Price has to be a consideration, as you naturally have a budget to keep to. Steel and GRP garage doors will generally work out more reasonably then timber based doors. It is also the mechanism that affects the price. You can expect more to pay for any operation which can be electronically triggered. Other factors that may bump up the price include factory finishes, glazing, insulation, and customised sizes.

So hopefully you have found our tips for buying a new garage door helpful. All of the above considerations are worth taking into account as they will help increase the chances of you having a new garage door installed that adds something possible to your household garage door.

We hope that you find the information in this post helpful. If you wish to discuss a new garage door or maintenance work, then contact us or call us on 01525 713600.

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