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Published on 19 December 2023

sectional garage door

Garage security is incredibly important as it serves as an easy entry point to homes, making it susceptible to burglaries and unauthorised access. According to Compare the Market, one in four (27%) garage owners in the UK have been burgled. A secure garage not only protects your valuable items like cars, tools and equipment but it also keeps the rest of your home safe. Lots of people store not only expensive cars in their garages but also items with sentimental value.

On top of that, an unsecured garage can give easy access to the rest of the house, meaning it’s a risk to you and your family’s safety if you don’t take garage security seriously. Putting good security measures in place, such as sturdy locks, motion-sensor lighting and potentially even smart security systems, makes sure that the garage doesn’t attract potential intruders and gives you overall peace of mind for your home.

At Diamond Garage Doors Ltd we have extensive expertise in enhancing garage security and share our top tips for making your garage door more secure. 

Buy your garage door from a reputable supplier

When buying a garage door, it is crucial to choose a reputable supplier like Diamond Garage Doors to make sure you get the highest quality, security and long life out of your product. Opting for a trusted supplier with a proven track record in the industry guarantees that you get a garage door that meets safety standards and is constructed with durable materials.

Upgrading Locks: There are various types of locks available for securing garage doors, each with its own level of effectiveness. Traditional deadbolt locks give you a reliable level of security, while smart locks equipped with features like keyless entry and remote monitoring add an extra layer of safety and control. Heavy-duty padlocks and hasps can also reinforce side doors or provide extra security for garage spaces.

Secure Windows: Reinforcing garage windows is a great way to prevent break-ins. Installing window bars or security grilles adds a physical barrier, making it more difficult for burglars to break in. Tempered or laminated glass can improve window strength, making it resistant to shattering. Window film is another option, giving you an extra layer of protection against forced entry by increasing the window’s resistance.

Lighting: Adequate lighting is a basic element of garage security. Well-lit areas deter potential intruders by minimising hiding spots and increasing visibility. Motion sensor lights are particularly effective, as they illuminate the area when there’s any movement, which can alert you to anyone near that garage and can deter burglars from even getting close to your garage. Installing lighting fixtures around entry points like garage doors and windows enhances the overall security of the garage and surrounding areas.

Types of Secure Garage Doors

Diamond Garage Doors Ltd offers a great range of garage door options, catering to various needs and preferences. Among their offerings are roller shutters, sectional doors and up-and-over doors. Roller shutters are a popular choice, known for their space-saving design and smooth vertical operation. Sectional doors consist of multiple horizontal panels that slide up and overhead, giving you flexibility in design and efficient use of space. Up-and-over doors are a classic choice, swinging outward and then up in a single piece.

In terms of security, each type has its unique benefits. Roller shutters, with their sturdy and compact design, provide excellent security by minimising potential weak points. Sectional doors often feature robust locking mechanisms and durable materials, improving your overall garage security. Up-and-over doors, when equipped with high-quality locks, can also offer strong security measures. Ultimately, Diamond Garage Doors Ltd’s wide product range lets you choose a garage door that not only looks great but also keeps your garage secure, giving you peace of mind and protection for your property.

Incorporating Technology for Enhanced Security

Smart garage door openers are not only convenient, but can be great for garage door security. They’re usually compatible with smartphones and let you remotely monitor and control your garage door. One of the key security features is the ability to get real-time notifications, alerting you if it’s open or closed. This feature is particularly valuable if you forget to close your garage door, meaning you can close it even if you’re away from home. On top of this, smart garage door openers let you control and monitor entry to the garage remotely, so you can let delivery drives in to store packages securely when you’re not home.

By integrating your garage door with the rest of your home security system you can further improve your garage door security. Smart garage door openers can be seamlessly integrated with existing security systems,  letting you control everything in one place. This integration lets you include the garage door in your monitoring system, triggering alarms or notifications in the event of a burglary attempt.

Maintenance and Good Practices

To keep your garage door security features in top shape and working properly, you need to commit to regular maintenance and have good security practices in place. 

Regular Maintenance Checks: Carry out routine maintenance checks on garage door security features to make sure they’re working properly over time. This includes inspecting and testing locks, sensors and any electronic parts such as smart garage door openers. With a regular maintenance schedule you can proactively identify and address security issues before they become an issue for the safety of your garage.

Security Habits: Simple practices, such as consistently locking doors and windows, creates a strong first line of defence. Making sure that garage doors are closed and securely locked when not in use, even for short periods, reduces opportunities for break-ins. AIt’s also important not to leave valuables on show in the garage so potential thieves aren’t tempted by them.

Community Awareness: Neighbourhood watch programs or online communities are great platforms for residents to stay informed about local security concerns and work together to keep the area safe. Good communication with your neighbours keeps everyone informed of any dodgy characters or goings-on and can help deter any potential burglars.

Secure Your Space With Diamond Garage Doors

Improving the security of your garage involves a proactive approach through choosing the right equipment, good security practices and regular maintenance. Foster community awareness by engaging in neighbourhood watch programs and sharing information to create a collective commitment to safety. From choosing the right garage door to adding extra security features, Diamond Garage Doors has the expertise and knowledge to help. For top-notch garage doors and expert guidance, take the first step towards a secure home – contact Diamond Garage Doors for high-quality solutions and peace of mind.

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