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Published on 29 March 2019

With so many different types of garage doors available it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the right one. The roller garage doors are available in varying styles ranging from smart to contemporary.

Do you know what a roller shutter door can do for you? These types of doors are great for your garage. We will explain the types of roller shutter doors out there, and all of the benefits. Therefore, we encourage you to continue reading this short article.


Roller garage doors roll up vertically into a small compact coil at the top. They are extremely ideal for those who want to maximise the storage space in the garage. The roller garage door takes up the minimum amount of space as it opens vertically, however, the standard up and over garage doors open differently, therefore, using space that could be used for storage. You can park the cars as close to the garage for the same reason as above that the doors open vertically, this will save space on the driveway. They offer excellent security so you can have peace of mind that all your belongings are safe. They are also extremely easy to operate even if you do have a manual roller garage door rather than the automatic. A wide range of colours and choices are available for the design of the garage door when the correct material and colour is used this can help enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Security is one of the most important topics when buying a new garage door. The roller garage door has a great level of security and acts as a visual deterrent.

Another major sign that roller doors are safe and easy to use are the number of new builds with roller garage doors, as they are commonly being installed as standard.

Types of Rolling Shutters

Push and Pull Rolling Shutters

The famous push and pull rolling shutters will provide durability. They do not require a lot of maintenance, and this will benefit you further down the road too.

Grill Rolling Shutters

A grill rolling shutter is made of bright bar steel that is 8mm round. If you have something to show inside the garage or any other type of room, these rolling shutters are for you. Shops and showrooms use these types of rolling shutters a lot.

Industrial Grill Rolling Shutters

An industrial grill rolling shutter is also made of bright bar steel that is 8mm round. These types of rolling shutters are also for security and ventilation purposes. You should monitor them so you can get the smooth operation that you need.

Perforated Rolling Shutters

A perforated rolling shutter will allow you to get the practical and economical garage. They will work for both large and small openings.

If you’re looking for a more modern look or a traditional style to match your home, you can be sure a roller shutter will deliver to the highest standards. If you have any more questions about roller shutter garage doors please feel free to get in touch.


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