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Published on 31 August 2020

A lot of households would have considered insulated garage doors at some point. No doubt they have seen them advertised and wondered if they would benefit their garage. Of course, insulated garage doors can be more expensive than regular garage doors so the question comes up ‘are insulated garage doors worth the money?’ We think so. Let’s look into that question now!


Energy & Money Saving

One of the best reasons to opt for insulated garage doors is because they represent a more environmentally friendly option, and as a result, these doors will cause your garage to be an energy-saving space which in turn results in saving money. Win, win, win!

Remember that, especially if your garage is located very close to a room in your house (for example if your garage is underneath a room), the temperature in the garage can affect the temperature of the house. This means that more electricity or fuel needs to be used to heat the home, or in the summer more energy and electricity used to cool it. But an insulated garage door goes a long way to keeping garages warm in the winter and cool in the summer and therefore helping to do the same for your home.

When you’re actually in the garage you will be able to benefit from the insulated temperatures, and reap the financial rewards of not having to use electronic devices to heat or cool the garage, and feel more comfortable as a result of the regulated temperatures.


Help Look After Your Car

Nowadays we often use our garage for so many different reasons we almost forget its main reason: to store and protect your car! Now a car should be fine in a garage that has average doors. But insulated doors again produce benefits. A car may start fine after being stored in a non-insulated garage, but if it’s particularly severely cold weather it can be a different story. An insulated door can keep a very different temperature to the outside world helping to protect your car greatly and prevent issues with the engine starting due to the cold weather.



Insulated Garage Doors Can Add Value to Your Home

If you sell your home having insulated garage doors, it could increase the value of the property, potentially by quite a nice amount. It’s a feature that is generally seen as an attractive prospect to potential buyers. One of the reasons is because more and more people are looking towards a more environmentally friendly option wherever possible throughout their house, as well as one that can save them money and insulated garage doors do both of those things. Because of these types of doors meaning that heat is kept in and sound is kept out some families may even consider the garage as being an ideal extended living space such as a work from home office or playroom or maybe even converted into a bedroom. Reasons that help add further value to your home.


So as you can see, insulated garage doors are worth the extra money. In fairness, they don’t have to cost much more than regular doors and yet you will have much better temperature regulation for your garage and home, saving energy and money at the same time. If you would like to find out more about how we, Diamond Garage Doors, can help you, please get in touch on 01525 713600 or head over to our contact page for more details.

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