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Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth the Money?

Posted on by Laura Stanton

A lot of households would have considered insulated garage doors at some point. No doubt they have seen them advertised and wondered if they would benefit their garage. Of course, insulated garage doors can be more expensive than regular garage doors so the question comes up ‘are insulated garage doors worth the money?’ We think … Continue reading

Roller Shutter Garage Doors vs Up & Over Garage Doors

Posted on by Laura Stanton

Ali vs. Frazier. David vs. Goliath. Oasis vs. Blur. History is littered with heavyweight battles, but there’s one that gets forgotten. Roller Shutter Garage Doors vs. Up & Over Garage Doors! Which one will come out victorious in the battle for garage door dominance? Let’s take a look.

How do Electric Garage Doors Work?

Posted on by Laura Stanton

An electric garage door has become a part of many people’s households and over the years they have seen a significant increase in use. This is hardly surprising as they carry some excellent benefits. But how do electric garage doors work? In this blog, we will be taking a closer look at our high-quality electric … Continue reading

Benefits of Remote Control Electric Garage Doors

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Are you looking for quick and easy ways to enhance the security of your home? Struggling to cope with unwieldy, awkward-to-move garage doors? Perhaps it’s time to look closer into getting an upgrade or two. With remote control electric garage doors, getting those big, heavy units up and moving has never been easier. Save yourself … Continue reading

5 Considerations When You Buy a New Garage Door

Posted on by Laura Stanton

Are you thinking about purchasing a new garage door? It’s a good idea for many reasons. It can be nice to freshen up the look of the home. More often than not, the garage door tends to be the last part of the home to receive the “freshen up” treatment, even though it tends to be … Continue reading

Sectional Garage Doors | How Do They Work?

Posted on by admin.adtrak

These days there are quite a lot of different types of garage doors to choose from. One type of garage door is a sectional garage door. It provides several functions as a door that will benefit many homes, and it does so with ease and style.

Which Garage Door is Best?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Looking For A New Garage Door If you wish to buy a garage door, you may be confused by the wide variety of doors on the market. Across the wide selection of doors available, each product has something different to offer. As well as individual advantages and disadvantages. Besides, we all have different preferences and … Continue reading

How Do Up and Over Garage Doors Work?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Some Things You Should Know There are so many options to choose from when looking for a garage door. One of the most simple, yet effective garage doors, is the up and over door. It can be a great choice if you want a door that has flexibility in panel design, offers high security, and … Continue reading

Why you Should Invest in an Electric Garage Door

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Parking your car on the road outside your home or on your drive puts you at risk of potential theft. It is a good idea to create space in your garage and use it to park your car instead. This is the best way to protect your vehicle from theft and damages. However, just creating … Continue reading

Pros And Cons of a Wooden Garage Door

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

When looking for a new wooden garage door there are a number of options that you could go with, the whole process of choosing a garage door can become very overwhelming. There are pros and cons that come with all styles of garage doors. Wooden garage doors can add class and increase the curb appeal … Continue reading