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My Garage Door Won’t Close – Can I Fix It?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Here at Diamond Garage Doors, we’re garage door repair specialists. As you can imagine, we’ve come across all manner of faults in our time in the industry. No matter how small or large the problem is, if your garage door won’t close and you can’t detect the problem – it can be a real pain. … Continue reading

How can I dispose of my old garage door?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Buying a new garage door can be an exciting experience. You get to consider the various styles, functions and materials, wondering which one would best suit your home. Following this, you get to see it installed, looking on with a quiet sense of pride knowing that you have just boosted your home’s kerb appeal. But … Continue reading

Should I Repair or Replace my Garage Door?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

At some point in its life, your garage door will struggle. After years of battling the elements day in, day out, and opening and closing countless times, your garage door will begin to wear down. This is natural. There may come a time, however, when this wear and tear becomes too much and a decision … Continue reading

Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Remote Control

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

We’ve all been there: you come home from work and drive up to your garage door, reach for the remote, point, and begin clicking tentatively, twisting your wrist and altering the pressure in the hope that this might coax your garage door open. Alas, it doesn’t work. You vow that this is the last straw … Continue reading

Why Did My Garage Door Come off Its Tracks?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

As a homeowner, there are many problems with your property which you can expect and a number of those which you can prepare for. Your garage door coming off its tracks falls into neither of these categories, however. That said, this is a problem that can and might happen to your home, and it’s important … Continue reading

Garage Door Safety Month: How to Stay Safe

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

As convenient and useful as a garage door is to the family, it’s still a large and heavy piece of machinery that, when poorly maintained, can pose a health and safety risk. To avoid endangering yourself and your family, follow our tips from this month’s post. June, afterall, is National Garage Door Safety Month, so … Continue reading

How to re-paint your garage door

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Your garage door does a great job of protecting your car and belongings from bad weather and theft, however, it is also a prominent part of your home’s frontage. A clean, well-maintained garage door will increase kerb appeal as well as your own pride in your home. A new coat of paint on your garage … Continue reading

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

With our handy guide, it’s easy to navigate the garage door standards out there and find the perfect door for you. All the door sizes in this guide are readily available from trusted suppliers, so you can benefit from quick and simple installations by the professionals. The Standard Sizes of Single Garage Doors These are … Continue reading

Your old garage door: repair or replace?

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

Diamond Garage Door engineers have a wealth of experience when it comes to old garage doors, and will often complete repairs at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. This is good for the environment and good for your bank balance. However,even the hardiest garage door has a finite lifespan, and sometimes the … Continue reading

How to Deal With A Frozen Garage Door

Posted on by Diamond Garage Doors

The cold weather can be truly unforgiving. Havoc and disruption take over as freezing temperatures settle in, causing many of us to adapt our routines when taking to the road or carrying out day-to-day tasks. But sometimes the cold can get to us before we can even make it away from the home, and the … Continue reading